Refer a Friend

A clean house is a gift! If you've enjoyed our services, let your friend experience it for themselves.

How it works

Your friend should indicate 'Referred by {NAME}' or 'Referred by {Email as registered with us}' in the remarks section of their first booking, as below.

Share the joy!

Benefits of Referring

Other than sharing the gift of a clean home, here's what else you get to enjoy:

$15 off next booking

Referred friend:
10% off first booking for any service using code Refer10

Terms and Conditions

-$15 off coupon will be provided.
-Only one coupon can be used for each booking.
-For customers with recurring booking only, $15 will be refunded to you on your next booking.
-Coupon code/credit is only given upon successful completion of booking and payment of referred friend.
-Each referred friend only entitles the referrer to a one time discount.
-The referred friend must be new to Rooma and may not have any bookings previously.

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