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Professional House Cleaning Services in Singapore

Part of maintaining a comfortable and hygienic living space is the tedious task of daily chores. While we all know the importance of daily cleaning to minimise dirt, dust, and debris at home, it can feel overwhelming to think about when you are already juggling your work, family, and social lives. There is where Rooma™'s professional house cleaning services come in.

Our general housekeeping services ranges from 2-hour to 4-hour slots, starting from $25 per hour. We attend to requests across Singapore, and are dedicated to helping you improve and maintain your daily living environment.

No hidden fees. We charge a flat rate per hour.
Trusted housekeepers. Rest assured that our housekeepers will turn up at the appointed time.

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Why Choose Rooma?

At Rooma™, we only provide trained and qualified personnel to your space. We do not engage in freelancers or subcontractors. We take pride in our service quality, and we go out of our way to make sure your house is spotless.

Rooma™ is a house cleaning company that provides professional house cleaning services for Singaporeans who live busy, hectic lives. We only provide trained and qualified professionals to carry out one-off and regular house cleaning services, to help make your life easier. Find out more about our cleaning crew in our FAQs.

Importance of a clean home

Benefits of Regular House Cleaning in Singapore

If you have children, seniors, or immunocompromised individuals living at home, you will know that regular house cleaning is essential to ensuring a hygienic environment for daily living. However, regular cleaning services can also be useful for any homeowner or renter living in Singapore.

Apart from daily tidying up, hiring a regular house cleaning service can help to reduce the possibility of conditions such as mould or dust resulting from Singapore’s hot and humid climate. During busy periods in your life, being able to depend on a professional house cleaning service can also help to lessen your emotional and mental burden of maintaining a clean household.

If you hate household chores, just sit back, relax, and let Rooma™ handle the job.


Take a look at our FAQs below. If you don't see the answer to your question here, feel free to get in touch with our customer concierge.

What does House Cleaning cover? What does it not cover?
House Cleaning covers:
-Bed-making & Bedsheet Changing/Straightening
-Dishwashing or Dishwashing Loading
-Laundry (including ironing)
-Clearing of Trash
-Mopping, Sweeping & Vacuuming
-Full Bathroom Cleaning
-Kitchen Appliance Exterior Cleaning
-Kitchen Counter and Hob cleaning
-Dusting of Windows, Furnitures, Bed Frames and Shelvings
-Internal window cleaning
-Cleaning of ceiling fans and lights (ONLY if ladder/sturdy support is provided)

It does not cover: 
-External window cleaning (for safety reasons)
-Hand washing of items
Do I need to provide my own cleaning tools and chemicals?
Yes, you will need to have a basic set of cleaning tools such as:

- Vacuum cleaner OR Broom with Dustpan
- Mop with Mop Pole OR Spray Mop
- 2L Pail (Or any small pail)
- Pail with Mop Wringer
- Toilet Brush

We will provide the rest.
What kind of cleaning chemicals and tools does Rooma provide?
Our housekeepers will carry a basic set of cleaning expendables and chemicals.

They are:
- Sponges & Green Pads
- Metal scrounge
- Microfibre Cloths (Blue, Red & Green)
- Glass Cloth
- Spray Bottle
- Multipurpose Cleaning Cream
- Multipurpose Cleaning Liquid Solution
- Glass Cleaning Solution
- Kitchen Degreaser
Can the assigned crew speak English?
They will be able to understand and converse minimally in basic English.
Are the crew legal and trained?
Yes, all of our crew do have a proper employment contract with us. Our foreign cleaning crew will all have the relevant work permit passes endorsed by MOM. Our crew are all trained and WSQ certified.

We do not engage in subcontractors or freelancers.
Can I request for a specific race or gender for my assigned crew?
No, you will not be able to choose who your housekeeper would be. We wish for all our housekeepers to be treated as equals. They have all been trained to work professionally and follow our housekeeping standards, regardless of their race and gender.
Can I request a specific housekeeper / get the same housekeeper to service my apartment?
We will try to accomodate requests for specific housekeepers as much as possible, however certain housekeepers may be very fully booked.

To ensure that you get the same housekeeper every time, we suggest that a regular booking of the same day and time every week is made, which will help us greatly in planning our housekeepers' schedules. Take a look at our subscription plans here.
How do I make payment?
You can make payment via Credit Card or via PayNow. Our Credit Card payments are secured by Stripe. Therefore, you will not need to pay for any additional card charges.

We also accept payment via Paynow or local bank transfer.
Can I tip my crew?
You may choose to tip your crew however you amount you wish to.

100% of tips go to our crew to reward them for their hard work.
I need to reschedule/cancel my booking. What is your reschedule / cancellation policy like?
We try our best to provide a flexible rescheduling policy for our customers.

For regular housekeeping jobs:

More than 24 hours before: Free
Less than 24 hours: 20% penalty

48 hours before: Full Refund
24-48 hours: 80% refund
Less than 24 hours: 50% refund
Do you provide refunds?
We provide partial or full refunds only if there are severe lapse in service standards or if service is not rendered. Nimbus Facility Services Pte Ltd reserves has the final say on whether to provide a refund.
 Are the crew insured?
Yes, all our crew are insured.
Are there restrictions to what I am allowed to ask the crew to do?
Our crew are only meant to perform the task stated and not for instance, job outside their work scope booked. (for example, baby sitting). Any additional task outside of the crew scope should be communicated with our Customer Concierge and we will try to make arrangements.
Most Popular

3+ Hours House Cleaning

$25 per hour
  • Bed-making & Bedsheet Changing/Straightening
  • Dishwashing or Dishwashing Loading
  • Laundry (including ironing)
  • Clearing of Trash
  • Mopping, Sweeping & Vacuuming
  • Full Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Appliance Exterior Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter and Hob cleaning
  • Dusting of Windows, Furnitures, Bed Frames and Shelvings

2 Hours House Cleaning

$27 per hour
  • Bed-making & Bedsheet Changing/Straightening
  • Dishwashing or Dishwashing Loading
  • Laundry (including ironing)
  • Clearing of Trash
  • Mopping, Sweeping & Vacuuming
  • Full Bathroom Cleaning
  • Kitchen Appliance Exterior Cleaning
  • Kitchen Counter and Hob cleaning
  • Dusting of Windows, Furnitures, Bed Frames and Shelvings
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