Do I need to provide my own cleaning tools and chemicals?
Yes, you will need to have a basic set of cleaning tools such as:

- Vacuum cleaner OR Broom with Dustpan
- Mop with Mop Pole OR Spray Mop
- 2L Pail (Or any small pail)
- Pail with Mop Wringer
- Toilet Brush
What kind of cleaning chemicals and tools does Rooma provide?
Our housekeepers will carry a basic set of cleaning expendables and chemicals.

They are:
- Sponges & Green Pads
- Metal scrounge
- Microfibre Cloths (Blue, Red & Green)
- Glass ClothSpray Bottle
- Multipurpose Cleaning Cream
- Multipurpose Cleaning Liquid Solution
- Glass Cleaning Solution
- Kitchen Degreaser
Can the assigned crew speak English?
They will be able to understand and converse in basic English.
Are the crew legal and trained?
Yes, all of our crew do have a proper employment contract with us. Our foreign cleaning crew will all have the relevant work permit passes endorsed by MOM. Our crew are all trained and WSQ certified.
Can I request for a specific race or gender for my assigned crew?
No, you will not be able to choose who your housekeeper would be. We wish for all our housekeepers to be treated as equals. They have all been trained to work professionally and follow our housekeeping standards, regardless of their race and gender.
How do I make payment?
You can make payment via Credit Card or via PayNow. Our Credit Card payments are secured by Stripe. Therefore, you will not need to pay for any additional card charges.
Can I tip my crew?
You may choose to tip your crew however you amount you wish to.
What is your cancellation policy like?
Any form of cancellation or rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance.
Do you provide refunds?
We provide partial or full refunds only if there are severe lapse in service standards or if service is not rendered. Nimbus Facility Services Pte Ltd reserves has the final say on whether to provide a refund.
 Are the crew insured?
Yes, all our crew are insured.
Are there restrictions to what I am allowed to ask the crew to do?
Our crew are only meant to perform the task stated and not for instance, job outside their work scope (forexample, baby sitting). Any additional task outside of the crew scope should be communicated with your Hospitality Specialist.
Can I get the same crew to service my apartment?
As much as possible, we will provide a regular Housekeeper to our customers but this is always subjected to availability of our crew and Nimbus Facility Services Pte Ltd reserves the right to re-deploy our crew if and when necessary..