Published On:
June 8, 2022

6 Ways Babysitting Can Help You

Parents lead busy lives, juggling work and children. Sometimes, we just want to take a break. For the past 2 years during the Covid-19 pandemic, school closures and work from home frequently disrupted childcare plans. To give parents more flexibility and freedom, we started Babysitting with Rooma, which provides on-demand, at-home babysitting, child sitting, child care and nanny services.

Our service is on demand and easily booked online. Our babysitters and child care providers will be at your doorstep at the appointed time, ready to take care of your child in the environment they are the most comfortable in - their own home. You do not need to worry about bringing your child outdoors to any centre, which sometimes can be a huge operation in itself. Our babysitter will familiarize themselves so that they can take care of your children and take a load off your shoulders.

Babysitting helps you to take care of your children at home

Here's are 6 situations that our babysitting service can help you out with:

1. Helping You Work from Home

We know how difficult it is to work when kids are running around at home. Our babysitters can keep them engaged, productive and out of your hair, while you busy yourself with meetings. Plus, if you're concerned about your children adapting to a stranger, this is a good way to monitor their reactions while still being physically present in the house.

2. Bring Back Your Date Nights

Romance doesn't need to die after children. If you need to take a break from the children and enjoy a date night or two, not only will our babysitters help you with the children, they will provide a peace of mind so that you can fully enjoy your date night.

3. Easily Manage Childcare closures

Childcare centres frequently have several days or weeks or closures sprinkled across the year. Previously, parents may arrange to take leave on such closure days, or try to arrange children to stay with grandparents or other caretakers. With our babysitting service, you no longer need to make intricate plans to care for your child. Child care can be arranged in the comfort of your own home

No need for intricate planning of schedules around childcare centre closures!

4. Child care during off hours (Nights, weekends)

Although childcare centres help many Singaporean parents, they are closed during the night and weekends. If you work odd hours, this might leave you lacking a child care option during these periods. Luckily, our babysitting service is able to step in during these non-work hours and days to take care of your child.

5. Give You Time for Errands and Emergencies

Perhaps you have errands to run that is inconvenienced by having to bring a small child around. Or, an emergency came up at work and you have to deal with it on short notice. Our babysitters can watch your children for you so that you can settle urgent matters easily.

Take time to do any errands necessary with our babysitting service

6. Supervise Children's Work

We've all caught our children playing video games when they were supposed to be studying. Older siblings who are supposed to watch over younger ones, are sometimes even complicit in this! Our babysitters are a reassuring adult presence who can watch over the children to ensure that they are doing productive, parent-approved activities like homework, practice or reading, instead of playing video games or watching cartoons.

Taking care of your children even after work hours

We hand-pick our babysitters to ensure that their personality fits child care. The first criteria is of course, that they must love children. We then evaluate their communication skills with children, their patience and attentiveness, and their ability to handle children's basic needs such as food and comfort. Our babysitters are then trained and have hands-on experience with children of different age groups and profiles before taking on actual babysitting jobs. Take a look at our babysitters and child care providers here.

We hope to help both parents and children live their best lives with our babysitting service! From now till 30 Apr 2022, receive an additional 10% discount for our babysitting services when you use the code [HAPPYBABY]. You can book our babysitting service here.