Our Story

Rooma™ started in 2019, when we wished that just sometimes, someone else would help us do the housework at home.

As we tried to book housekeeping services for ourselves, we realized that the traditional ways of running a housekeeping business just weren't cutting it. Housekeepers who don't show up, inability to book online, no time slots shown, poor customer service and long response times are just some of the frequent complaints many faced.

We believe customers deserve more. More reliability, more professionalism, less hassle. We started Rooma™ with a goal to bring professionalism to the industry.

As we served more and more customers, we started getting requests for other home services. Baby care, elder care, cooking, pet care, steam cleaning, aircon servicing, the list goes on. We expanded our range of services to ensure we could cater to our customers' requests.

From humble beginnings, we have grown so much, all thanks to our loyal customers who appreciate what we've done.

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Our Mission

"Make the world a better place - one clean home at a time"

We believe that we can create a better world by simply providing good jobs to blue-collared workers in the region, and providing quality services to our customers.

We want to put a smile on every customer's face when they see how their homes can be transformed.

Our Affliations

We are a spinoff housekeeping brand of a successful commercial facility management company

Rooma™ is a subsidiary of Nimbus™. Years of commercial cleaning and service have built up our operation management and technical knowledge. We believe that housekeeping and services for the home can achieve the same level of professionalism, quality, and standardisation as commercial services.